Looking deeply into human society through a perspective that is other-than-human. A project aimed at looking into society through the eyes of goats.


A project to see society
through the eyes of a goat


Two goats arrived on Toride campus of Tokyo University of the Arts on 6th December, 2020.
The “Goat’s Eyes” project (previously called “A project aimed at looking into society through the eyes of goats”) which was started by Professor Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s Laboratory of Department of Intermedia Art and the team at “Toride Art Project” is going to propose a new style art centre based around the goats during their second year.

What is “Goat’s Eyes”?


Based on the outcomes of what we experienced as a community in the “Project aimed at looking into society through the eyes of goats” as the first launch of the project, we see the goats as the one who overcome the present-day challenges and connect all kinds of individuals, the “transparent art centre” creates a platform for expressive activities, sustainable research and creative activities, and the exploration of the next generations’ community, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

「Goat’s Eyes」Instagram

Conceptual Map


※The actual activities might not be exactly the same as this diagram because the conceptual map was drawn in January 2021. Successive changes will take in place as they happen.

We see society by creating artworks through the eyes of goats.

The clubs are gradually working together in order to create a “transparent art centre”.

Creating a system to recycle resources for the “transparent art centre”.

Why goats?

Why we need goat's point of view?


They are landscapes

The landscape changes when there is a goat in it.

They are our old friends

We learn about history and religions through them. 

The milk and excrement

We do science with them.

They pull the weeds

We think about the environment with them as an inspiration.

Basic feeds and shabby huts, sturdy and human-friendly

Easy to raise.

You can see the Youtube live streaming at the following URL





Woods club

The six huts and fences in the farm are mainly built by the bamboo found inside of the campus. We might have more of them in the future.



Goat’s excrement club

We are continuing trying to make paper and paints out of their excrement. The fertilizer being fermented is going to be provided to the farming club during autumn or winter.



Farming club

Very active at this point. The thicket opened up in 2021 has been turned into a field. Members are growing the crops in their own ways. They’ve recently started to provide crops to  the school cafeteria.



Goat’s milk club

Planning to have groups like dessert group, fermentation group and soap group from 2022 since we don’t have the milk yet.



Goat’s life improvement club

Every member is a complete beginner at breeding and raising goats, but the club has the potential to be the most lively one owing to the restless efforts accumulated by the members.




We expect clubs like bamboo instrument club, goat’s hair brush club, goat’s philosophy club and so on in the future.

Introduction of Club Activities

Introducing the clubs and groups cooperating a variety of activities

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Project Staff


- “Goat’s eyes” (Professor Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s Laboratory of Department of Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts, students, faculty and staff volunteers from Tokyo University of the Arts, local volunteers and Toride Art Project “half-agricultural and half-art”)

- Tokyo University of the Arts(共生社会をつくるアートコミュニケーション共創拠点事業)

Breeding and Raising Support

Professor Takeshi Yasue (professor from the Department of Food and Life Sciences of College of Agriculture at Ibaraki University, researcher of animal behavior science)